Rightly, Champions of Data, is an independent consumer data action service committed to championing consumer rights and helping people police, control and manage the personal data held by organisations.

Their mission is simple: to make managing your online data as easy as it can be.

We all live, work and play in a world of data. It makes things possible today that we could only dream of a few years ago. But this new world can be shady and overwhelming. We’ve all heard about data misuse and theft. Rightly actively champions on behalf of the consumer, enabling them to take control of personal data by providing a free and simple online service that uncovers their digital footprint. It enables them to make decisions about how their data is being used, to have it deleted if they want it to be, and ultimately to benefit from its value. This reduces the risk of data harm and exposure to scams, spam, fraud, data breaches and spear-phishing.

As well as educating consumers about their rights, Rightly helps address vulnerabilities and supports people through the process of discovery. Rightly are experts in GDPR, data protection and the prevention of hacks, spam, and scams. It acts as a conduit between consumers and businesses, allowing users to send data requests to multiple companies at once and enabling businesses to respond securely.

Rightly’s purpose is to help individuals and organisations make good use of data. They help them understand their data rights and obligations and equip them with the tools to manage, share and use data rightly.

Despite the spammers, scammers and hackers trying to get your data, there are some things you can do to give yourself some protection.

Click below from tips from Rightly about how you can protect your data.